Balance is a skill that tends to degrade with age. There are small muscle groups that are in charge of keeping you upright. As people age, they tend to inadvertently lean on walls and counters every time they stop to converse. This atrophies those muscle groups and they lose strength, leading to balance degradation over time if it isn’t noticed and stopped.


    Some hobbies are easy to keep doing throughout your life. Coin collecting is great fun, no matter what your age is. Others get more difficult as you progress through life. If your favorite physical hobbies are getting difficult or painful, give us a call! We can safely and effectively exercise the muscles necessary for hiking, tennis, swimming, off roading, or even just spending a day walking through the mall. If you find yourself exhausted prematurely, or experience discomfort beyond your expectations, we can help you enjoy the past times you love most!

    If your golden years include time at the golf course, we can add golf specific exercises to strengthen your core and build the confidence you need to drop your average golf score. One of our most successful clients had a shoulder injury and honestly believed that he would never be able to play golf again. After about 5 months with Jan, he successfully played 9 holes of golf… pain free! When Jan showed up for his next session, he had the biggest smile she had seen on him yet.

    Nobody likes to depend on another person for everyday tasks like getting into and out of the shower. If it gets to that point though, guess what… You CAN regain the strength, balance and confidence to complete these tasks on your own! One of our greatest success stories came from a woman who once fell in her back yard and literally could not get back up. After 3 months with us, she was able to go from a standing position, to lying flat on her back, and then get back up again without any assistance.

    Our focus is on your overall health improvement. That includes eating right, exercising key muscle groups that tend to get ignored and even improving your mental state. Believe it or not, something as simple as counting by 5’s backward from 100 while walking can be difficult. Try it!


    Regular exercise before and during pregnancy has been proven to make labor and delivery easier! It makes perfect sense though. If you have strong core muscles, you will have more strength to give birth quickly. Those painful contractions experienced during labor will be more effective, thus lowering delivery time. There just isn’t any way you can go wrong with working out while you are pregnant! However, to get the most out of your workout during the short 9 months, you need a personal trainer that knows what you are going through and has 10 year’s experience training women just like yourself.

    Back pain can easily be controlled with stretching and regular exercise. If your back muscle strength increases along with the duration of your pregnancy, it will have a much easier time holding up your baby bump! Back muscles can be very easily injured though, so here is where a personal trainer comes in handy. There are certain exercises that need to be avoided, modified or used till your heart’s content. With the amount of information available on the internet, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

    The biggest advantage of an in-home personal trainer is that you can literally get fit according to your baby’s schedule! Many new parents admit that the biggest barrier to regular exercise is being “chained” to the house. If the baby finally fell asleep, why would you wake him just so you can go to the gym?!?! Leave them sleeping in the crib while you join Jan in your living room with the baby monitor right next to you. Working out with a personal trainer doesn’t get any easier than that. As the baby’s sleep schedule changes, so can yours. Every effort will be made to ensure you get the most effective workout you can.

    Returning to their pre-pregnancy body is a goal that many mothers have. What they don’t often realize though, is working out before, during AND after pregnancy is the best way to lose those post-partum pounds. You would be surprised at how much exercise you can accomplish without having any impact on your baby. The only limitations you have are the ones you choose to impose on yourself. Getting a personal trainer will help you push through those perceived limitations and really maximize your workouts and minimize the recovery time after your new baby is welcomed into this world.


    Diets are temporary improvements. You want to not only lose weight; you want to keep it off indefinitely right! The only way that will happen is if you commit to a lifestyle change and NOT starve yourself. You can eat most of the foods you want! It is all about portion control though. If you’re craving a steak, go ahead and eat it! (Just don’t eat it every day.) Eat that pepperoni pizza, but use a knife and fork, and drink water often. Eat a smaller portion of the food you love and if you’re still hungry, fill up on veggies and some fruit. Your commitment to lose weight combined with the expertise of a personal trainer and nutritional counseling will result in permanent benefits that you will enjoy for years to come!

    Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or at the very least, controlled by diet and exercise! It has been proven that if you only lose 5-7% of your body weight, you can reduce the chance of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) becoming type 2 diabetes by 58%! Those are really strong and attainable numbers! For a 300 pound person to lose 5-7%, they would only have to lose 15-21 pounds. Doesn’t that seem like a very reasonable goal? It must be noted that proper diet and exercise are necessary. By allowing us to work with you, you can know without a doubt, that you are getting the absolute best combination. (Data collected from American Diabetes Association)

    Exercising with high blood pressure can be a tricky business. You definitely need the exercise, but if your blood pressure isn’t closely monitored, you can easily injure yourself. It is important that you train with someone who fully understands the complexities associated with high blood pressure and knows how to work around them. Jan is fully certified to take blood pressure and control your heart rate so that to can get the best possible workout, without a trip to the emergency room.

    Get your energy back by simply modifying your diet! An easy rule to follow is basically keeping the foods with white flour to a minimum. White bread, flour tortillas, white rice and pasta have been processed to the point that nearly all nutrients are lost. The healthy wheat grain went from an awesome complex carbohydrate to a measly simple one that your body quickly converts to sugar. Now your body has to release insulin to pull it out of the blood stream and store it for future needs (and if it doesn’t use it, it becomes fat). This happens on a regular basis, but it happens so quickly with white flour, it will often leave you with an initial energy boost followed by a crash that can last for hours.

    This is only one example of how your diet can significantly affect your mood and motivation. There are many, many other ways, but we won’t bore you with the details. If you want more information, check out our references page or better yet, schedule a FREE consultation!


    Nearly all of us can stand to eat a little healthier than we currently do. With a little guidance, you can learn to eat healthier without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive food found in those specialty stores that require a special trip to get to. All of the healthy food you need can be found in your local grocery store… you just need to know where to look.
    A better understanding of those nutrition labels will also help you clean up your diet tremendously. It’s more than just calories and total fat grams that you need to be concerned with. All personal training sessions include nutritional coaching. If you would like, small cooking classes and a trip to your local grocery store can be included as well.

    It’s no secret that exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that your brain naturally secretes to make you feel good. That’s why it feels good to win a game of Rummy, to finally finish that 1969 Chevy Nova project car or score some great buys during Black Friday shopping.
    But did you know that if you exercise with the correct intensity, you can get those feel good juices flowing after only five minutes? It’s true! If a little is good, then more is better right? WRONG! If you exercise to hard right away, you can actually slow the rate of endorphin release to 30 minutes!
    Aside from some of us needing a little push to get motivated to work out, having a personal trainer there to monitor your heart rate and slow you down if need be, will actually help you enjoy exercising more than if you work out alone!
    (Source: The Exercise Effect by Kirsten Weir)

    If you want to build muscle, or just tone up a few problem areas, weight training is a must. But, if you want to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, the right combination of cardio and diet mixed in will get your metabolism into overdrive! If your metabolism is cruising, then you can be burning fat while you rest in bed! Combine that fat burning metabolism with gradual muscle growth and you have a recipe for success in a much shorter time than if you do weight training, diet or cardio alone. The tough part is figuring out how much cardio and what you need to eat to get your body tightened up. That is where a personal trainer will come into play. Jan has been training people in your situation for a decade now, so she knows the signs of too much weight, too much cardio, to high of heart rate, not enough complex carbohydrates, etc. There is a fine balance that must be achieved and Jan knows how to find it!