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I began working out with Jan in August of 2007 and it was the best thing I have ever done! I had avidly lifted weights and exercised for years and never gotten the return on my investment until I met Jan. I always struggled to get muscle tone in my arms and build my core muscles. Since I began working out with Jan not only have I lost over 20 lbs. and kept it off, I also have the definition in my arms that I had always aspired to gain. I even worked out with Jan through my second pregnancy right up until delivery. She is trained in working with pregnant women. I only gained 13 lbs. with my second pregnancy and lost ALL of the weight by 7 days after delivery!! She has trained me after two surgeries to build back up muscle strength, mobility and stretching. She is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and will not only help you obtain your goals she will gently push you to be the best you can be physically. She can help coach your diet and nutrition and guide you in the right direction for the best results. Over the years we have built a great working relationship and friendship and she continually keeps me excited about exercise, changes workout plans to prevent boredom and strives to keep me focused on my overall health!

I am 62 years old, overweight with bad knees. I had knee surgery on my left knee in 2012. After my Physical Therapist signed off, Jan took over. She checked with the Physical Therapist to see what I could and could not do. After working with Jan, I attribute full use of my knee to her.
Before Jan, I had trained or attempted to work with other trainers, but they did not understand old, broken people. Her attitude is if it hurts don’t do it. Discomfort is OK but not pain. Jan modifies the exercises to fit the person and their abilities instead of making the person fit the exercises. Jan is very encouraging instead of discouraging.
I whole heartily recommend Jan as a trainer because of her knowledge and versatility in helping people achieve the results they want.

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I want to share with you my first experience joining a gym and having a personal fitness trainer. Upon arrival at [the gym], I visited with the administrator and explained what I was looking to accomplish and this would be a first time experience. She did an evaluation and told me she felt Jan would be a good fit for me. She explained Jan’s background and expertise and it all sounded very positive to me. I will admit though that the military background had me just a bit intimidated. Timing had it that before I left my meeting that day, Jan walked by the two of us and we were introduced. I knew from the few words that Jan and I exchanged, we would build a good relationship. Jan is not only a top rated trainer but she has a great personality with a great sense of humor that puts a little sparkle in the workout. Jan is a great teacher and doesn’t quit until she is sure that her instructions are clearly understood. Jan’s priority with her clients is safety first. Jan is always mixing up the routine which is both good and fun. It has been four months since I began my training and both Jan and I see results. I am both physically and mentally stronger and feel more alive than I have for quite some time. Exercise is valuable to every one of us at all ages – I am 62. I am so glad I joined and very thankful for Jan. It is far too easy to get hurt when you are misusing a machine or your form is not right. I have always been health conscious but did not realize the impact having a trainer makes. As I always tell Jan, I am in this for the long term and want to learn how to do things the right way. I always look forward to my training days with Jan. Although they say that beauty come from within, it never hurts anyone’s ego to flex a muscle or two!

Jan is skillful, smart, caring, thoughtful and kind (but that doesn’t mean she won’t kick your behind). Her attention to the details of your lifestyle, personality, etc. ensure a successful experience that you can apply when in the gym without a trainer. My goal when I signed up for training sessions was to get fit; just as important was to get smart about how to use the gym. I’m definitely fitter and smarter, thanks to Jan. She is responsible for my self-reliance in the gym. Simply put, Jan is the best.



Jan is awesome!!!
I started with her right after my second baby, and continued on through my third pregnancy until now. I wanted someone who was real and would work with my real world challenges of having children. She was realistic, yet pushed me to achieve my goals!! Her expertise and genuine approach has been and always will be appreciated. I highly recommend Jan!

Jan Trejo was my trainer for about 2 years. She has helped me so much. Even though I am now 67 years old, I am able to run and jump rope. She encouraged me to keep exercising with cardio as well as some weights. She showed me what was good for me at my age. She is a wonderful trainer and a friend.