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The Quantum Health & Fitness Blueptint is a Personalised Holistic 1-on-1 Coaching Package which guides the individual towards Health & Vitality through methods beyond Nutrition & Exercise.


  • It Includes:

    • The Power of Light (How different types of light impact the body) + Circadian Rhythm + Sleep Hygiene
    • Movement & Exercise Habit Building

    • Nutrition Planning & Understanding Food Choice

    • Grounding / Earthing Practices

    • Optimal Breathing & Breathing Practices for Stress Management

    • Lymphatic System Awareness & Self Drainage Technique

    • Mitochondrial Supportive Practices

    • Environmental + Lifestyle + Body Detoxification

    • Top Supplements to Support Overall Performance & Vitality

    • Reprogramming the Mind for Success + Happiness + Gratitude

    • The Program takes place over the period of 8 WEEKS

    • 1 Coaching Session will be provided to the individual every week for 8 WEEKS, at the time and day that suits both the Coach + Client + Time Zone

    • All coaching will take place Online via preferred Video Calling Platform

    • The Coaching Sessions will include all the topics mentioned above & will be personalised to the individual

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