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Top 10 Fat Loss Tips 2024 for both Men and Women


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Top 10 Fat Loss Tips 2024 for Men and Women


Sunlight & Complete Darkness ☀️🌙

Being outside in the Natural light of the Sun and Eliminating non-native sources of light at Night (Artificial Blue Lighting): helps us Entrain our Circadian Rhythm. This allows the Master Hormones (Leptin, Melatonin, Cortisol...) to be regulated. Every single system and cell in the body has a biological clock. This helps regulate Blood Flow, Improves Mitochondrial Function & Activates the POMC Gene! (Proopiomelanocortin). Just by simply taking control of our light environment, we can massively aid our Fat Loss Journey.



Ketosis is the natural state that the body goes into in the absence of carbohydrates or when when going for long periods of time without food. This allows us to tap-in to our body's fat stores and use that as a fuel source. A Ketogenic / Carnivore style diet helps Regulates Fasting Insulin, Allows Mitochondria to work more efficiently, makes it easy for the body, which fuel source to use as energy (FAT), Improves Leptin Sensitivity and therefore aids in Fat Loss Metabolism.


Resistance Training 🏋️‍♂️

Assists in Improving Energy Metabolism, Improves Mitochondrial Function, Aids in Metabolic Flexibility (switching between FATS & CARBS) uses stored Glucose from the Muscle & Liver, Increases Resting Metabolic Rate, Increases Muscle Mass & overall Strength. Think of Resistance training as the accelerator for Fat Loss!


Cold Thermogenesis 🧊🥶

Aids in Leptin Resistance & Increases Leptin Sensitivity, Increases Brown Fat tissue, Brown Fat is high in mitochondria --> More Mitochondria = Greater Energy Efficiency! Leptin is a critical hormone when it comes to fat loss, as this is the hormone that informs the brain when we sleep, how much energy / electrons (fat reserve). When Leptin is working as it should, it tells us when we are full from a meal. Leptin therefore influences behaviour and how we interact with food. The more we overeat due to Leptin resistance, the harder it is to Lose Fat.

Sleep 💤

Essential for Cleaning, Growth & Repair of the entire system. The body's natural Reset button. Sleep is essential in for our hormonal balance. Hormones play a huge role in Fat Metabolism. When Cortisol is chronically elevated due to not sleeping, drinking coffee first thing in the morning, looking at our phone exactly before bed and also straight upon rising. This steals resources and energy for the production of other essential hormones that are required for muscle building and fat loss.


Daily Movement 🤸

Improves Blood Flow, Lymph Flow, Mobility, Functionality, Increased Oxygen & Nutrient Delivery, Massages internal Organs, Improves Mitochondrial Function, Essential for Fat Loss as it increases our Total Daily Energy Expenditure.


How we Breathe influences which Fuel source we use as Energy!👃🏽💨

Nasal Breathing allows us to use Fat as an Energy source compared to mouth breathing. Allows more Oxygen to be up-taken with each breath. Oxygen is required for fatty acid oxidation. So basically Fat Loss.


Are Environmental Toxins making you Fat?! 🧴🧼🫧☣️

The solution to pollution is dilution, so if the body is constantly bombarded with Environment Toxins and stressors, to combat this, it dilutes the toxins by storing it in fat tissue and excess water! Think Lymphatics. The body only begins to let go of that stored fat and excess water when the stressor / toxic substance has been removed either from the external or internal environment.


Circadian Appropriate Fasting ⏰⏳

Eating only during day light hours is the Circadian Appropriate way. Our gut gets told what time of day it is when we start eating and when we stop. This assists is in Autophagy, Apoptosis, cleans system, reduces inflammation & reduces lymphatic system load, since this automatically makes us fast for at least 13-14 hours depending on the light cycle where you live.


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*This Blog article is for Educational purposes only! If you decide to try anything written in this article, you are doing so at your own Risk & Responsibility.


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