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My personal health journey began at 14 years old as an Obese child. Determined to find the missing piece of the health puzzle, I embarked on a path of self-discovery, self-experimentation, and continuous Education in the Fitness industry.

Throughout my journey, I faced and conquered various personal health struggles, realizing Health wasn't only about
Nutrition and Exercise. Quantum Health & Circadian Biology emerged as a significant player in optimizing my life, especially from an environmental perspective. This newfound knowledge significantly impacted my Performance, overall Health, Vitality & that of my Clients.

Currently I Educate, Empower and Coach individuals on:


• Body Transformation (Fat Loss, Muscle Building)
• Mitochondrial Health & Circadian Biology
• Real Nutrition (Ancestral & Species Appropriate)
• Lifestyle Optimization
• Holistic Movement Practices (Functionality & Mobility)



MSc Movement Specialist &
BSc Nutritionist

Get into the Best Shape of Your Life!

Start Your Journey Today

• Lose Fat & Build Muscle
• Move Well • BE Strong • Capable • Resilient

• Improve your Energy Levels
• Sleep Quality
• Eating Habits
• Mental & Physical Performance
• Aesthetic Goals

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