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5 Crucial Steps you Need to Know for Fixing your Circadian Rhythm for | Sleep | Health | Performance | Recovery & Longevity

👇🏽 Sun & Darkness ☀️

Sunlight is crucial for setting our circadian rhythm & gives us so many other incredible benefits. Waking up with the Sunrise is crucial for Circadian Syncing. Complete Darkness at night is just as important as getting sunlight, as this allows the hormone of light (Melatonin) to be released in Darkness.

👉🏽 Block Artificial Blue Light & nn-EMFs 🛜

Artificial Blue Light & nn-EMFs are both disruptive to our Circadian Rhythms / biology and must be minimized at all costs throughout the entire day, especially after sunset.

🔴 Red lights & Blue Blockers After Dark 😎

Nature never makes mistakes! If we have to have lights on after sunset, then Red is the only option to protect our Circadian Rhythms. Red blue blocking glasses are also essential if we have to be exposed to any blue light at all after sunset.

⚡ Grounding Every day at least 30 min 🔋

The Earth's magnetic field tunes our body to the season and time of day. Grounding also provides us with free electrons, as well as aiding in discharging excess voltage we accumulate from nn-EMFs & dirty electricity.

❌ No eating after Sunset 🍦

Eating after sunset inhibits the release of Melatonin! Or rather delays the release. This is a problem as this shifts our entire Circadian Clock forward, making us feel very lethargic and tired in the morning, even if we have slept 8 hours +.

So these are our top 5 tips for you guys to help entrain your body into healthy Circadian Rhythms. Of course there are a few more things to consider, but these are what we would do and tell our clients to start with 💥

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