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How to Improve your Mobility, Top 7 ways to improve your Flexibility beyond Mobility Training

👉🏽 Why your Mobility Sucks 💥🤔

👁️ Eye Health & Peripheral vision

The eyes bring in the majority of information about the environment, when the eyes don't move as well or our vision is impaired for whatever reason, our brain tightens us up as a protective response.

🤢 Lymphatic System Stagnation

When our lymphatic system is stagnated, metabolic waste cannot get out of the cells and oxygen and nutrients cannot get into the cells. This leads to tissues with congested lymph tightening up.

🩹 Over Stretching

Over Stretching Muscle and connective tissue, creates laxity in the system. This results in too much slack in the musculoskeletal and fascial system. Sending an alarm to our brain that we do not have control over this extra length. Therefore, the brain tightens muscles to keep our body within safe controllable ranges of motion.

🩸 Lack of Blood Flow / Oxygen / Nutrients

Lack of Blood flow can occur due to tight tissues, tight tissues do not accept blood flow very well! There are so many reasons tissues are tight.

😩 Weak Muscles / Inactive Muscles

When our muscles are weak / lacking strength, our brain tightens tissues up as a protective mechanism as it believes we do not have control over our limbs

📲 NN-EMF and Blue Light Toxicity

Both nn-EMFs and blue light are disruptive to our biology in many ways. One of the symptoms of toxicity is tightness / stiffness. This occurs due to many factors mentioned above that blue light & nn-EMFs can influence

🤸🏽‍♂️ Stagnation / Lack of Movement

The body loves to move, the less we move our entire body, the stiffer it gets, as it sees no reason to be mobile.

Even if you are practicing mobility training every day, it does not guarantee results if you are NOT addressing the above 💯

👇🏽 The Solution? ☀️🧬

• Work on eye Health & Movement

• Lymphatic System Assistance & Drainage

• Get the blood & lymph moving around through, Grounding, Movement, Sauna, Breathing...

• Strengthen the body through full range of motion

• Stop Stretching & Start Strengthening

• Block Blue Light & nn-EMFs

• Get Sunlight & Nature Connection

*All our Blogs are for Educational purposes only, proceed at your own Risk and Responsibility*

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