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Melanin - The super Molecule - What it does beyond a Tan! 💥

👇🏽 Why Melanin is SO Important ☀️

Melanin gives our skin the color we get when exposed to the sun. It turns out that melanin is not only found on our surfaces, but is also found internally.

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Melanin absorbs, stores and utilises all electromagnetic energy! It's basically the receiver of information for all our senses, so it acts like an antenna. Could the way that we perceive the world be based on our melanin stores?

Think of melanin as the decoder and the organizer of information from our environment to inform the body how to respond.

Interestingly melanin is found in areas of the body where energy transfer occurs. Melanin is found in our eyes, skin, hair, inner ear, brain, nervous system, heart, gut, fat tissue just to name a few...

Melanin has the ability to store electrons and act as a semiconductor & superconductor within the body, facilitating energy transfer and electron flow.

👇🏽 Roles and Benefits of Melanin: 🧬

• it acts as an extremely powerful antioxidant

• it's an energy regulating molecule

• it gets rid of heavy metals

• it captures energy from the sun

• decoder and organizer of information

• natural sun protection

• neuro protective

• and so much more...

How to build Internal and External Melanin 🔑

• sunlight builds the external melanin

• cold thermogenesis builds the internal melanin

Melanin is regulated by light & the POMC gene!

UV light form the Sun causes Melanin to split water into, Molecular Hydrogen, Electrons and Oxygen!

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