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Why you need Sunlight | Benefits of Sunlight & being Outdoors beyond vitamin D

Updated: Jun 25

👇🏽 Why You Need the SUN! ☀️🧬

👉🏽 Harness the Power of Light & Dark (Optimize your Circadian Rhythm) check out our Circadian Reset Protocol 🔆⏰🌙

• Makes us produce Melanin (the super molecule) a New Blog post will be written next week on this essential topic. Stay Tuned!

• Gives us Free Electrons through the Photoelectric Effect

• Helps us make Melatonin (miracle molecule)

• Entrains Circadian Rhythm (sleep, wake cycle)

• Converts Cholesterol to Vitamin D

• Improves Mitochondrial Function

• Promotes Nitric Oxide production

• Provides us with Essential light Frequencies such as (Blue Light, Red, IR-A, UVA & UVB)

• Improves Hormone Production

• Improves Blood & Lymph Flow

• Assists in Deuterium Depletion

• Assists in detoxification

• Increases Fat Utilisation

• And so much more...

We don't necessarily need to know all these benefits that the Sun provides us, to actually receive the benefits! But it's a nice motivator to know why it's good to spend time outdoors and take advantage of this magnificent power through safe Sun exposure 🧲☀️🧬

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